Rooftop Adventures: Ascending Milan Cathedral’s Skyward Marvels

Milan, often dubbed as Italy’s heartbeat of fashion and commerce, hides a unique skyward adventure in its heart: the rooftop terraces of the iconic Duomo di Milano, or the Milan Cathedral. This experience offers a blend of historical wonder and breathtaking vistas, making it a must-do for every visitor to this vibrant city. Let’s embark on a journey above, exploring what makes the cathedral’s rooftop a true adventure.

  1. The Ascent

Before delving into the wonders above, one must choose their path: the more challenging yet rewarding staircase or the modern convenience of the elevator. If you choose to climb, the 150 steps will unveil niches of the cathedral usually unseen, with the ancient stone echoing stories of centuries past.

  1. Amidst the Spires

Once atop, the forest of intricately carved spires beckons. Standing amidst them offers an intimate perspective of the Gothic craftsmanship that’s unparalleled. Each spire, unique in design, tells its own tale. Some are adorned with statues of saints, while others boast complex patterns, all against the backdrop of the azure Milanese sky.

  1. Sculptures in the Sky

One of the most mesmerizing experiences is coming face-to-face with the statues that usually appear as distant figures from the ground. Observing them up close reveals the meticulous details, from the expressions on their faces to the folds of their robes. The crowning jewel is, of course, the iconic golden statue of the Madonnina, the protector of Milan. Though she stands on the highest spire, the terraces bring you much closer to her than you’d expect.

  1. Panoramic Vistas of Milan

The artistic and architectural wonders are complemented by 360-degree panoramic views of Milan. From this vantage point, the city sprawls out like a living tapestry. Iconic landmarks like the Sforza Castle, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and the modern skyscrapers of Porta Nuova can be spotted. On particularly clear days, the majestic Alps outline the horizon, creating a stunning contrast with the urban landscape.

  1. A Moment of Serenity

Beyond the views and the art, the rooftop offers a moment of serenity. The gentle breezes, the soft coos of pigeons, and the distant hum of Milan create a tranquil atmosphere. There are corners and niches where one can sit and soak in the ambiance, making it a perfect spot for reflection or even a rooftop picnic!

  1. Evening Glow

If you have the chance, time your visit to coincide with sunset. Watching the sun cast its golden hues on the spires, turning the city into a silhouette, and witnessing the transition from day to night from this historic vantage point is nothing short of magical.