the rooftop of the Milan Cathedral, or Duomo di Milano, is one of the city’s top attractions, offering both architectural marvels and panoramic views. Here’s some detailed information:

  1. Architectural Marvel: The Milan Cathedral is renowned for its Gothic architecture, and the rooftop provides visitors with an up-close view of the intricate details. There are over 3,400 statues, 135 spires, and countless pinnacles and arches, all made from Candoglia marble.
  2. Stunning Views: From the rooftop, visitors are treated to a panoramic view of Milan’s cityscape, stretching to the Alps on clear days.
  3. Accessibility: There are two ways to reach the rooftop: by stairs or by elevator. The stairs, approximately 250 steps, lead you up to the first terrace, while the elevator provides a more direct and less strenuous route.
  4. Statues and Spires: Among the thousands of statues on the cathedral, the most famous is the gilded bronze statue of the Madonna, called the “Madonnina,” perched atop the cathedral’s tallest spire.
  5. Walking Paths: Once on the rooftop, there are walkways that allow visitors to walk amidst the spires and statues, providing a unique perspective of the cathedral’s architecture.
  6. Visit Timing: It’s recommended to visit the rooftop either early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid peak crowds. Sunset visits can be especially breathtaking as the setting sun casts a golden hue over the city and the marble architecture.
  7. Location: The Milan Cathedral stands in the heart of the city, at Piazza del Duomo, making the rooftop view even more impressive as you’re essentially looking out over Milan from its center.
  8. Tickets: While entrance to the cathedral itself requires a ticket, accessing the rooftop requires a separate ticket. Often, combined tickets are available, granting access to other parts of the cathedral complex, including the archaeological area and the Duomo Museum.

When visiting, it’s essential to wear appropriate attire respecting the religious nature of the site, even when just visiting the rooftop. The experience of standing amidst centuries-old architectural wonders while taking in views of Milan is truly a unique experience and a must-visit when in the city.

Is the Duomo roof lift or stairs?

The Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral) offers both options for accessing its rooftop:

  1. Stairs: There’s a stairway entrance that allows visitors to climb to the rooftop. It’s approximately 250 steps to reach the first terrace. This option can be a bit strenuous, but it’s often less expensive than the elevator and provides an immersive experience as you ascend through the structure.
  2. Elevator (Lift): For those who prefer a quicker or less physically demanding route, there’s an elevator that takes visitors directly to the rooftop. Using the elevator is typically more expensive than the stairs, but it’s a more accessible option, especially for those with mobility issues or those who prefer not to climb the many steps.

When purchasing tickets to access the rooftop, you can choose between the stair or elevator options, with the elevator tickets generally being priced higher.